Urengoyskaya GRES

In accordance with the Agreement concluded in 2011, with OGK No. 1 (hereinafter referred to as the Customer), a subsidiary of JSC INTER RAO UES (now Inter RAO UES), WORLD ENERGY SOLUTIONS LLC rendered Customer Engineering services for the implementation of the project on The construction of a combined-cycle plant (CCGT) with a capacity of 450 MW at the Urengoyskaya GRES. The task of the project "WORLD ENERGY SOLUTIONS" was the provision of technical and information support to the Customer at the stage of construction and installation work at the PGU-450 Urengoyskaya GRES before the commissioning of the power unit. In accordance with the terms of the Agreement, WORLD ENERGY SOLUTIONS carried out control and technical supervision over the construction, design volumes, cost and quality of work, provided technical and information support to the Customer in order to ensure high-quality execution of the 450 MW CCGT at Urengoyskaya GRES, and commissioning power plants in operation within the time frame established by the capacity supply agreement (DPM).