Hanhikivi NPP (Finland)

The project for the construction of Hanhikivi -1 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) based on Russian VVER-1200 reactor plant of AES-2006 design is implemented on the Hanhikivi peninsula in the Pyh?joki community (municipality) in the north-west of Finland. Fennovoima Oy Company (the NPP Owner) carries out the design, construction and operation of Hanhikivi - 1 NPP with associated infrastructure. Fennovoima Oy is a company registered and operating in Finland; 66% of the shares is owned by a group of Finnish electric power and industrial companies, and by local power companies, most of them municipally-owned; 34% of the shares belong to Rosatom State Corporation (via its Finnish subsidiary RAOS Voima Oy).

The General Contractor for the NPP construction is RAOS Project Oy (Finnish subsidiary of Rusatom Energy International JSC).

Starting from 2015, World Energy Solutions LLC was involved in the project together with its daughter company World Energy Solutions Finland Oy (WESF) and with WorleyParsons Nuclear Services Ltd. (WPNS)(Bulgaria) (a partner office of the WorleyParsons Group). In 2015-2017, a joint team of WorleyParsons provided engineering consulting services for RAOS Project Oy for the activities as follows:
    • The development of process model and a complete set of documents for the Integrated Management System (IMS) of Hanhikivi - 1 NPP;
    • Support during the implementation of IMS;
    • The development, review and coordination of licensing package documents (a part of the licensing documents reviewed by the Finnish Supervisory Authority STUK) in compliance with the norms and regulations of Finland, and international norms and regulations;
    • The review of RAOS Project Oy`s Subcontractors` quality assurance plans, and other tasks.

In July 2016, Fennovoima Oy, the NPP's Owner, approved the involvement of WorleyParsons joint team for the project and officially confirmed that WorleyParsons was accepted as a supplier of services for the Project.

From March 2017 through December 2018, World Energy Solutions LLC Project Team provided services for Fennovoima Oy (the Owner of Hanhikivi - 1 NPP) for the development of several documents on engineering and environmental aspects of Hanhikivi - 1 NPP design and rendered consulting support for the Due Diligence of the project by potential creditors (financial institutions) and their engineering consultants.