El-Dabaa NPP (Egypt)

World Energy Solutions Limited Liability Company is providing consulting services for the construction of El-Dabaa NPP in Egypt, including:
    • Review of PSAR for compliance with the requirements of EPC Contract and the project regulatory framework (excluding the laws of Egypt).
    • Review of the Single Glossary of Definitions Used in PSAR for compliance with the List of Definitions contained in the EPC Contract. Recommendations for improving the glossary based on the project regulatory framework.
    • Review of the Owner's comments to PSAR (as received). Discussions with the General Designer and development of a strategy to deal with the comments.
    • Assistance to the General Designer in preparing justifications (response summary), responses to the Owner and/or corresponding corrections.
    • Development of QAP (CON).
    • Development of the management system documents for the construction of El-Dabaa NPP (Construction Manual).
    • Support to ASE JSC for the development of the Technical Report and the Report on the Acceptability of El-Dabaa NPP Design Modification Concept