World Energy Solutions LLC (WES Company) specializes in providing engineering services.
WES is an independent company offering to the clients a range of engineering services in conventional and nuclear power industry, coal chemistry and oil industry; WES cooperates with Russian and foreign specialist suppliers of services and equipment.

  Business Lines:

• Comprehensive engineering - includes complete range of services for justification, development and support during the implementation of projects by clients:
• Project feasibility studies
• Project management
• Preparation of project plans and schedules, and compliance monitoring
• Contract implementation control and regulating
• Quality management and control
• Supply of Equipment and Materials
• Construction engineering - engineering services for construction industry, including construction inspection services, inspection of equipment & materials manufacturing and supply for client's construction project
• Pre-operation and operation engineering - including engineering services for improvement of production processes, their analysis for compliance to updated requirements of the regulatory authorities of various countries for existing facilities, or facilities to be commissioned, or already commissioned facilities at the client's projects
• International engineering in terms of review for the conformity of the regulatory requirements of different countries for the design and construction of our clients' projects
• Independent review of safety-related documents for new nuclear power plants.

  High staff potential:

• All engineering staff participated in the construction of nuclear power plants and other energy facilities in Russia and abroad (Czech Republic, Iran, India, China, etc.)
• Several employees conduct systematic scientific and practical activities (participation in scientific conferences, publication of articles and books, co-authorship in patents and techniques)
• Some employees are marked by industry awards of the RF Minatom (The Ministry of Atomic Energy) and SC Rosatom

  Close Integration into the Sectoral Community

Our Company is a member of the National Association of Engineering Consultants in Construction (NAICS) and participate in ongoing NAICS events.
We are a member of the leading industry SRO NP "SOYUZATOMSTROY" and SRO NP "SOYUZATOMPROEKT"
Our experts are registered in the national registers of:
- construction professionals;
- designers.
Our Company holds a license of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostechnadzor) for the construction of nuclear facilities, specifically, for providing works and services for NPP operating companies.

  Key References

• Review of licensing documents and design documentation for compliance with the norms and regulations of a project country and IAEA
• Development of Project Management System documents and PMS implementation support
• Involvement in the development/the development of documents for NPP including licensing package documents in compliance to the norms and regulations of a project location country

  WES Differentiators:

• Positive experiences in engineering consulting services to the companies of SC Rosatom.
• A team of qualified experts on all key areas of NPP technology for Russian projects.
• Own methodologies considering the norms and requirements of the country's project legislation for the construction of nuclear power plants as part of the project implementation, analysis and consideration of the restrictions related to localization.
• Application of the process approach in the development of documents for the customer's project management system.

  WES Clients

• From SC Rosatom:
    • NPP Owner - a company responsible for the construction and operation of NPP
    • EPC-Contractor - a company that performs a scope of activities for the construction and operation of NPP
    • General Designer - a company that performs a scope of design work for NPP.
• From foreign countries:
    • NPP Owner - a company responsible for the construction and operation of NPP
    • EPC-Contractor - a company that performs a scope of activities for the construction and operation of NPP
    • Companies involved in project implementation, and governmental and public organizations, regulatory authorities, and other institutions in the countries where NPPs are constructed.


General Director - Alexander Auerbakh
Chief Accountant - Larisa Svetik