Membership in
Professional Associations

WORLD ENERGY SOLUTIONS LLC is a full-fledged participant of the professional business community in the field of engineering and construction project management inside and outside Russia.
In particular, the Company is the existing member of the following business associations:

1. Nuclear Self-Regulating Organizations

The Company is a member of SOYUZATOMSTROY (association of organizations carrying out construction, repairs and capital repairs of nuclear sector facilities) and SOYUZATOMPROEKT (association of organizations carrying out architectural and building design of nuclear sector facilities) Self-Regulating Organizations.
The Company became the member of the nuclear sector self-regulating organizations on 20.05.2016, and obtained corresponding certificates of admission to a particular activity or types of activities, which affect safety of capital construction facilities, dated June 03, 2016 (No. SRO-S-016-00642-03062016 (SOYUZATOMSTROY) and No. SRO-P-010-00224-03062016 (SOYUZATOMPROEKT)).
Detailed information on the nuclear sector self-regulating organizations is available on:


The Company is a member of the National Association of Consulting Engineers in Construction (NACEC) - a voluntary non-commercial entity established on 18.02.2015 with the goal of harmonizing the current model of the engineering market in Russia with the generally accepted international sectoral standards, and improving the image of professional engineers.
NACEC is the local branch of the International Association buildingSMART in Russia, and a member of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC (fr. Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs-Conseils).
The Company became the existing member of NACES on October 07, 2016.
Detailed information on NACES is available on:


Being a member of the nuclear sector SRO, the Company is a member of the National Association of Builders NOSTROY established on November 10, 2009 pursuant to a decision of the First All-Russia Congress of Self-Regulating Organizations (SROs) based on the membership of entities carrying out construction, reconstruction, capital repair of capital construction facilities in Russia.
NOSTROY is the largest association of self-regulating organizations in the field of construction, which includes 225 SROs that operate in 74 subjects of the Russian Federation and unite over 86,000 companies carrying out residential, civil and industrial construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of buildings and facilities, thus accounting for over 50% of the total number of companies operating in the Russian construction sector.
According to item 10 of part 8 of article 55.20 of the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation, NOSTROY is entitled to develop and approve standards of process for performance of engineering surveys, development of design documentation, construction, reconstruction, capital repairs, demolition of capital construction facilities.
Detailed information on NOSTROY is available on:

In the capacity of the member of SOYUZATOMSTROY and SOYUZATOMPROEKT SROs, the Company has assumed the obligations to comply with the requirements established within the work performance process standards. In particular, pursuant to resolution No. 121 adopted by NOSTROY Board on 16.05.2018, the Company is going to comply within its activities with 175 standards enacted since June 01, 2019.
The Collection of NOSTROY Standards related to processes of construction, reconstruction, capital repairs of capital construction facilities, which guide the Company's activities, can be found via the link below:

Collection of NOSTROY Standards applied by WORLD ENERGY SOLUTIONS LLC