Mandatory requirements to become a supplier of World Energy Solutions LLC

All interested suppliers of works, services or inventory shall be registered in the Register of Suppliers of World Energy Solutions LLC. A potential supplier shall provide the following documents:

1.  Filled out Questionnaire of Supplier, sealed by company stamp and signed by CEO
2.  The Charter, a copy of the Articles of Incorporation or a similar document, a resolution (minutes of a meeting) about establishing the company
3.  Legal Entity State Registration Certificate
4.  Tax registration certificate
5.  Extract from the Unified Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) obtained not earlier than 30 (thirty) days before the date of submission
6.  Documents that confirm the authority of a person to sign (orders, MoMs of the authorized management body of the company about the appointment of the sole executive body, a power of attorney, etc.)
7.  Balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow statement for the latest reporting period and for 2 preceding years according to RAS and, if possible, - to IFRS, endorsed by tax office
8.  Certificate confirming no tax arrears
9.  Report about average number of personnel or report on human resources if such a document is required by the terms and conditions of the procurement procedure
10. Copies of valid licenses, permits, certificates, Certificate of Admission (SRO), dealership contract or similar agreements (when applicable)
11. Reference letters from Clients referring to similar works / product deliveries (if applicable)