1)  Support the Client during licensing and permitting at the stage of NPP construction and installation, commissioning and stat-up
2)  Develop and/or review of construction management plans (CMP) and method statements (MS), including those for highly complex work
3)  Monitor equipment and materials storage and recording
4)  Carry out construction inspection and technical supervision of start-up and commissioning, construction and installation
5)  Develop and maintain the system for record keeping and storage of design, detailed as-built, hand-over/take-over, accounting and reporting documentation, any future amendments and changes to the system
6)  Develop IMS documents and implement the integrated management system (manuals, regulations, programs, procedures and possible amendments thereto), including quality management system documentation
7)  Monitor compliance with the project integrated management system and IMS documents throughout all phases of the project life cycle
8)  Develop project stakeholder interface regulations and procedures
9)  Review the project management organizational structure and the organizational structure of the Client considering the distribution of roles between project stakeholders at various stages of the project
10)  Review the comprehensive information system for NPP construction and commissioning project management
11)  Monitor compliance with project budgets, and identification of reasons and those responsible for additional costs
12)  Review and monitor compliance with the project schedules for all types of work and services, except daily and weekly schedules
13)  Monitor compliance of the actual scope of project supplies, work and services with target values, requirements of design documentation and working documents, and contract terms and conditions
14)  Develop, monitor continuously and update the Risk Management Program, including the description of risks, identification of risk causes, preparation and maintenance of the Project Risk Register, develop and review compensatory actions and risk mitigation measures
15)  Supply equipment and materials
16)  Carry out various expert-level assessments, qualifications and certifications