List of Engineering Services

☑ Development and implementation of integrated project management system (IPMS) documents, including quality management system (QMS) documents: manuals, regulations, policies, programs, procedures, guidelines and other types of documents.

☑ Monitoring compliance with the requirements for integrated project management system and documents during all phases of the project life cycle. Monitoring the amendment and updating of IPMS, advising on necessary changes.

☑ Developing guidelines and procedures for conformity assessment during inspection and witnessing of equipment manufacturing and installation.

☑ Independent third-party review of Design Documents, Basic Design Documents, Preliminary Safety Analysis Reports (PSAR) for NPPs under construction, various subject-matter and supporting reports developed for the Customer.

☑ Development of subject-matter and supporting reports on various safety aspects of nuclear power plants and other production facilities, using dedicated subcontractors with the relevant permits and authorizations in the country of the facility under construction (e.g. HAZOP, ATEX, fire safety, cybersecurity reports, etc.).

☑ Development of feasibility studies and technical documentation as part of the Bankable Feasibility Study for potential investors, lenders and their consultants required for the Customer for NPP construction project or other production facility as a Technical Consultant within the Integrated Project Team and in collaboration with other dedicated Customer`s consultants - Investment, Finance, Tax, Legal and other (depending on the Customer's needs and objectives).

☑ Support to the Customer in licensing and permitting at the stage of pre-design, construction and installation, start-up and commissioning.

☑ Development and maintenance of the system for record keeping and storage of design, detailed as-built, acceptance, accounting and reporting documentation, any future amendments and changes to the system. Development of the Unit File concept and method.

☑ Development of project stakeholder interface procedures and regulations.

☑ Review of the project management organizational chart, as well as the organizational chart of the Customer based on the roles and responsibilities of project stakeholders at various stages of the project, and preparation of recommendations for improvement.

☑ Review of the integrated information system for NPP construction and commissioning project management, and preparation of recommendations for improvement.

☑ Development and/or review of construction management plans (CMP) and method statements (MS), including MS for highly complex operations.

☑ Monitoring of proper storage and accounting for equipment and materials.

☑ Construction inspection and technical supervision of start-up and commissioning, construction and installation.

☑ Owner`s Engineer services to support cogeneration and trigeneration projects (including waste incineration plants) and other engineering services for cogeneration of electricity, heat and cold through recycling/disposal of household waste, agricultural waste, industrial waste from petrochemical production, rubber and plastic waste, waste oils, etc.

☑ Assisting the Customer in various expert reviews, qualifications and certifications.

☑ Services for managing and supporting the supply of equipment and materials.

☑ Reviewing the actual scope of supply, work and services for compliance with targets, Design Documentation and Detailed Design Documentation, and contract terms.

☑ Monitoring compliance with project budgets, identifying causes and those responsible for additional costs.

☑ Monitoring compliance with project schedules for all types of work and services, except daily and weekly schedules.

☑ Development, continuous monitoring and updating of the Risk Management Program, describing the risks, identifying the causes of risks, establishing and maintaining a risk register for the Project, preparing compensating measures and considering risk mitigation measures.